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Flight Delays and Your Right to Compensation

And as the warm months begin to welcome plans for leaving behind home in favour of sunny beaches, more and more UK holidaymakers will find themselves queuing up and heading out on international flights to find their bit of summer fun.

And while leaving behind the humdrum of regular life to explore everything the world has to offer is certainly the best way to spend your holiday, nothing can put a damper on that fun quite as quickly as delayed or cancelled flights.

Certainly the bane of all travellers everywhere, and certainly a costly waste of precious time for holidaymakers on a schedule, delayed flights can end up costing travellers more than simply lost time. Depending on how far your plans will take you this summer, a delayed flight can derail your entire holiday, or at the very least cause you to miss out on precious hours spent soaking in the sun on some distant beach.

Costly as it is for travellers, delayed flights can end up costing airlines much more. Regulations put in place to govern the operations and standards of all airlines operating within the UK actually puts a price tag on each delayed flight. And depending on the length of that flight, airlines can be liable for up to £600 per person, per flight. Now that can become quite costly rather quickly.

That regulations states that an airline is responsible to compensate its passengers if their flight has been delayed, granted the delay meets a few standard…

  • For one, the flight must be delayed at least three hours or completely cancelled…
  • The flight also has to both depart from the UK and arrive in the EU or vice versa…
  • The delay has to be the fault of the airline, for flights delayed by situations like extreme weather or disasters, compensation for delays are not applicable…

If all criteria have been met, then you are certainly qualified to receive compensation for the delay, and depending on the airline, could even be able to receive free meals and hotel accommodations for the inconvenience while you wait for your tardy aircraft.

Compensation based on Distance…

The amount of money an airline is required to pay out depends wholly on the distance you plan on travelling as you head out on holiday. So the longer the flight, the more the airline is responsible to pay out. Though there is a ceiling to how much an airline is liable for, depending on distance you could receive…

  • £250 for any flight under 1,500 km
  • £400 for flight falling between the range of 1,500 km to 3,500 km
  • And at the very upper limits, £600 if your trip was over 3,500 km

Though as of late there has been quite a problem growing within the airline industry over paying out what is rightfully owed to the passenger.

Claiming what is yours…

Claiming your compensation is rather a straight forward process, all you need to do is simply speak with your particular airline’s customer service and notify them of the delay and your intent to seek compensation. The service representatives will be able to process your claim from that point.

Though that is if they recognise your claim as valid…

Unfortunately many airlines have begun to make it quite difficult for passengers to receive the compensation that is rightfully owed to them, and that is if the airline pays out at all.

Some even have gone as far as to deny passengers’ claims even when the claim has been brought to the attention of the CAA, the governing body responsible for ensuring airlines follow all required regulations and standards.

Though however difficult an airline may make your attempt to receive compensation, they are still legally required to do. And if the airline is giving you trouble or ignoring your request, you can escalate your claim and take it directly to the CAA, who will step in on your behalf to notify the airline of its responsibility.

Unfortunately, if the airline still refuses to acknowledge your right to claim, seeking legal advice on flight delay compensation is your only alternative.